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Royal Eggs NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

*What are Royal Eggs?*The Royal Eggs are a collection of 8888 unique eggs handcrafted and algorithmically rendered to magnificent artwork by the 3d Leading Artist Team. *How do I discover my Royal Egg?*All Royal Eggs will reveal after minting a Black Egg. *How is the Royal Eggs Created?*The Team has 20 years of experience in almost any 3D modeling and rendering software. According to Team’s vision, anything you see in the picture is a 3d object designed manually and textured accordingly. The quality of the pictures is 2k. *Will the Royal Eggs have a rarer ID?*The Royal Eggs Project will be separated into different Assets representing various elements, so there will be some rare Eggs. Still, every egg rendered as a complete combine unit. The team has developed an efficient pipeline to handle mass renderings and thousands of combinations using API developed with the help of Autodesk writing scripts masters.

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