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Rowdy Rooster Collective – Customize your NFT for the Animated Series!

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Rowdy Rooster Collective is a limited NFT collection of over 8,888 finely curated, fully customizable Roosters cluckin around on the Ethereum blockchain.We want to bring our Roosters to life and will be creating a full-length animated pilot episode that will be presented to the major networks and streaming platforms.RRC NFT holders will be able to name their Rowdy Roosters and audition to voice their characters. The Coop will be opening up the Rowdy Meta-Mart where holders can purchase items to fully customize their Roosters to their liking and get ready for audition day. If your Rooster makes the cut, the RRC animation team will be writing your characters into our pilot episode!

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