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Rogue Fox Guild

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Rogue Fox Guild is starting as a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. It is a story of 10k rogue foxes that survived an apocalypse, became sentient, and started to roam the world of the Barren Lands. Well be telling the story of the Barren Lands across multiple formats, creating a foxy metaverse (foxiverse). The Foxiverse is driven by a desire to tell a complex story via creating immersive and beautiful art leading to an adventurous game experience. In addition, we aim to push the borders of NFT utilities and engage with a like-minded community of fox-enthusiasts!Our key differentiators are:Gaming MetaverseRFG will have a huge metaverse – we’ll create 3 NFT-centric games, including a P2E and multiplayer game. See your NFTs come to life!More here: https://medium. com/rogue-fox-guild/the-rogue-fox-guild-metaverse-6eb6296624010% go to charityAnimal wellbeing is super important to us. We commit to giving 10% of all revenues generated from the mint to animal charities selected by our community. Art & StorytellingCreate a diverse, story-driven world where the Rogues roam freely and explore the RFG universe. Comics, expansions, animations, and crazy art ideas to come!Professional teamTransparent and professional team. All founders are doxxed and transparent with their identity, and the team includes 2 x startup CEOs and developer with 25+ years of experience. Diverse teamThe RFG has a diverse founder team made up of 50% females. Silviya and Anna have known one another for more than 18 years. We’re building an inclusive community that accepts all rogues!Project’s RoadmapThe Rogue Fox Guild will continue as a full-time project upon a successful public sale, and weve planned our roadmap around this. 25% SoldQuest 2: Saving mission• 1st donation to charity• Game #1: a platformer game• Private Discord server50% SoldQuest 3: Charm them all!• Game #2: multiplayer social game• Roam the lands of RFGs merch store• Listing on Rarity Tools75% SoldQuest 4: Find the treasure• Airdrop to NFT holders• Game #3: P2E game• Coinbase NFT listing100% SoldQuest 5: The story continues…• Final charity donation• Animated film• These foxes are not alone? (TBC)

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