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Rhino’s Revenge

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Rhino’s Revenge is a collection of 7,500 unique, randomly generated Rhino’s stampeding on the Ethereum blockchain.Our aim is to educate the world about the senseless murdering of Rhino for their horns. Rhinos Revenge is sci-fi type of story of Rhinos taking their revenge on the poachers, essentially the hunters become the hunted. Rhinos Revenge NFT holders will benefit from helping to donate to Rhino anti-poaching initiatives, A Rhino memorial wall (On our website – will only available to NFT Holders, for them to write a passage on how they feel about Rhino poaching), Airdrops, Giveaways in eth, cool merch, and will receive access to our comic book. Theres also plans to move into the metaverse once our story has been developed.Every RR NFT is unique and made from over 60+ possible attributes and traits. They can have different backgrounds, skins, clothes, facial expressions, accessories, and headgear. They are all made with love (and a bit of vengence), but some are rarer than others.Holder Benefits:· Worlds first NFT Rhino Memorial Wall (Be Part of RR History!)· Comic Book (Growing our brand)· Giveaways (Airdrops in ETH and RR NFTs)· Cool Merch!· Continue our story in the metaverse!Join our Discord, to be part of the community.

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