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Retro Cat NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Win the Lottery with Retro Cat NFT!SO MANY NFT COLLECTIONS! How can you tell them apart?Retro Cat NFT – MAIN OBJECTIVES:1. Create an NFT that the community will love2. Create an NFT collection that increases in value over time3. Create an NFT with REAL utility from the inception (no false promises!)This is how our project is different:MONTHLY LOTTERY DRAWINGSThis Lottery will be a 100% truly decentralized Lottery on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT is a game changer folks!The Lottery is an instant Retro Cat utility:- Its automatically available to ALL Retro Cat NFT owners- ALL holders will automatically be entered into the monthly Lottery drawings- Once you purchase a Retro Cat, no further action is required to enter and win the monthlyLottery. Just dont sell your Retro Cat before the end of the month!HOW THE LOTTERY WORKS:When 5000 Retro Cats NFTs are sold:- 48ETH will be deposited into the secure community wallet- 2 $ETH MONTHLY Lottery drawings will begin- Lottery runs for two yearsWhen the entire collection is sold, an additional 48ETH will be deposited, totaling 96ETH. This extends the Lottery run time to four years total. Winners will be randomly selected, with a 2ETH automated deposit being disbursed to the winners Ethereum wallet address at the end of each month. Again, the Lottery has been CODED INTO the Retro Cat NFT smart contract! Its automatic. It cannot be changed nor altered once deployed on the blockchain. Additionally, code has been professionally audited twice!WE BELIEVE:- Retro Cat NFT owners will prefer to hold their NFT versus reselling it for the chance to win 2ETH every month- Holding will create scarcity on the secondary market, theoretically driving the price of individual Retro Cat NFTs up that are for saleBottom line: The Lottery is coded into the smart contract, so this is a guaranteed utility that will automatically activate once 50% of the collection has sold. There are LOADS of other reasons to buy Retro Cats and be part of the community! Click on the website for details. Don’t miss your chance to mint Retro Cat NFT during PRESALE at the least expensive price being offered. Price increases after Presale finishes. Join the Discord now. Tell your friends!The Lottery is a guaranteed winner.

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