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Research Funding

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Research Funding ClubThe NFT project dedicated to becoming the largest donor to global research institutions studying the world’s deadliest diseases.Our StoryI’m Sean. In 2019, I lost my mother to a long battle with cancer. 2 years later, I lost my father to a cardiac event. When my brothers and I found boxes of old family photos, I thought it’d be cool to get some of them made into digital art and mint them as NFT’s. A software engineer by trade (I’ve founded and scaled Web2 companies), I’ve always wanted to get into the Web3 ecosystem. This was a perfect chance. As an outlet for me to grieve and commemorate my parents, as well as raise money to study the diseases that took my parents, I began working on Research Funding Club.What Are Our NFT’s?Research Funding Club are NFTs following theERC-721standard. The first drop is a collection of 25 NFT’s that are portrait’s of my mother and my father. There’s 5 different portrait’s all done by a different artist. Each portrait has 5 different versions, with different backgrounds and different visual effects. There’s onepunkinspired version of each portrait.Why Buy One of Our NFT’s?On our first drop, we’ll donate 5% of all proceeds to the American Heart Association, and another 5% to American Cancer Society. For every transaction that occurs after the first drop, 5% of the royalties will be set aside for donation. We’ll let our owners decide the institution.We’ll eventually have a token that our owners will be able to accumulate for everyday that they own one of our NFT’s. That token will be able to be exchanged for ETH.Collect all 5 versions of the same portrait, and we’ll mint the original photograph as an NFT and transfer it to you.Where Will the Proceeds Go?10% of the first drop proceeds will go to American Heart Assocation and American Cancer Society. 5% of all royalties from transactions after the first drop will be set aside for charity and our NFT holders will help us decide where to donate. The rest of the proceeds, and any royalties on transactions in the future will go towards the following:Hiring quality digital artists to create the next drop of NFTsHiring developers to help build the RFC token that will be used to award hodlers of our NFT’sHiring marketers to help fulfill the goal of becoming the largest donor to research institutions studying the world’s deadliest diseases

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