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Remember Metaverse

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

‘Memorial Stone are 5,000 commemorative NFTs on Ethereum that are the keys to a personalized memorial space in the ‘Remember MetaverseEach ‘Memorial Stone’ is an original, delicately crafted artwork that provides you with a unique way to celebrate the story of your loved one.Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, each commemorative ‘Memorial Stone’ NFT will stand proud in your chosen location throughout the mesmeric Remember Metaverse.Your ‘Memorial Stone’ also serves as a key to your personal ‘Memorial Hall’, where you may keep, curate and cherish the memories of your loved ones.The owner of each ‘Memorial Stone’ has the power to decide who they wish to commemorate, the types of memory they wish to display within Memorial Hall, and who they wish to invite to share in their memories.’Memorial Hall’ welcomes all formats of cherished memory – from text, imagery and video to sounds and 3D objects.The ‘Remember Metaverse’ is a rolling virtual expanse crafted with passion, a truly special space for you to keep and relive the memories of those who have passed or will pass before we do.This wonderful digital world consists of multiple unique places where distinct collections of Memorial Stones may be located.Visit remember.place for more information.Phase 1 sale of ‘Memorial Stones is happening on February 24th 2AM UTC! Dont miss this opportunity to claim a place for your cherished loved ones in the ‘Remember Metaverse

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