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Reckless Robots NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: cronos

Project Overview

Reckless Robots supply:2100Reckless Robots is a collection of 2100 unique and detailed hand-drawn NFTs deployed on the Cronos chain. Distinctive for this project are the detailed and unique arts, accelerated NFT staking and NFT eliminations (burns). With these eliminations, Reckless Robots reduces the total supply by buying the weakest bids from secondary markets and burning the bought NFTs. The burning reduces the total supply and thus reduces the total amount of possible NFTs staked enlarging the percentage of the pool that one NFT holds.Mint Price 300 CRO. Founding member price 200 CRO. Whitelist Price 200 CRO.8M LOOT required to be eligible for the whitelist price.

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