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Reborn Leaf Wellness

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Hello everyone, I am the founder of a boutique massage shop in Bangkok. I am inviting you to join the reborn of this shop. After 2 years of waiting for the country reopening since COVID-19, we were told by the landlord to leave as a consortium wanted to rent this place. Do small enterprises only deserve such inequality? We believe it is not true and we strive under this metaverse to bring a new perspective of the new shop. Now we open our business to all of you who are our NFT holders.The existing business has an experienced and dedicated team, good reputation and loyal customers. It is awarded the Top Rated for consecutive two years in 2020 and 2021 by a famous digital platform in Thailand. Based on our experience and some existing fixed assets, and with your participation, a shop with new concepts (the RW Concept) will be established.

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