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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On August 4th, Belgian painter & tattoo artist SKEENEE drops the ‘RE-ANIMATED INK PAINTINGS’ NFT Collection on MakersPlace. SKEENEE has many years of experience in various creative fields ranging from 2D animation, illustration, web design, Flash games, pixel art, life drawing, painting, tattoo. At present, he is focused on research on human and animal anatomy. SKEENEE is an early adopter of crypto art and has been actively developing this revolutionary artistic movement since 2019. He has been experimenting with augmented reality, minting strategies (NFT+ART, NFT-ART), AI & GAN networks, social token ($SKULL), virtual galleries. In the upcoming NFT Collection on MakersPlace, skeletons, skulls, and screens converge in crypto art pioneer Skeenee’s digital examination of animal anatomy. The artist dives into the ultimate form of contrast, that between life and death by blowing life into his ink-painted animal skeletons with his signature digital voodoo. Throughout his various anatomical series, Skeenee presents an exploration of contrast, movement, shape, and form. Add the drop to your calendars not to miss when it goes live on August 4th!

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