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Rashnis 3D VIP Music Concert

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The first virtual music artist to launch a unique NFT 3D music concert.The preparations for the breathtaking virtual rashni 3D concert are in full progress. Establishing our club house in the Metaverse for the Rashni community where music enthusiasts all around the world can chill out, talk and share experiences! Exclusively for the NFT community, we offer a limited VIP package. For the debut concert 1’000 VIP packages will be available starting on July 1st. From the 27th of May we will publish concert snippets on Twitter.Rashni was one of the first 3D virtual music artists in the world, born in the metaverse. He started his career 15 years ago and achieved worldwide success! His debut single Baboushka climbed the charts! On YouTube, the music video clip was applauded by 7.5 million fans.In 2022, the time has finally come again! In addition to the release of a new single, Rashni is the first virtual music artist to launch a unique Metaverse music concert and a collection of NFT trading cards.The Rashni NFT collection will feature more than 100 different attributes in 8 different trait categories. Traits differ in rarity, from common to ultra-rare, but all of them were designed with an equal amount of love and dedication.Rarity rankings will be released soon after our mint is completed. Minting will be activated on this homepage from September 1st. Based on the exchange rate fluctuations, the issue price is announced one day before the official minting.The team behind the scene.At Spherix Design Lab, we love NFTs and are overly optimistic about the future of this new asset class. As an experienced 3D design lab, we felt it was about time to launch our own project. Spherix Design Lab presents a curated and innovative 3D NFT project for art lovers. We want to inspire and build a community of like-minded individuals who share, collaborate, and invest in exciting NFT projects and ideas.Follow us and get all the release dates and news first hand!We are also interested in cooperations!

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