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The large-eyed Saimaa Ringed Seal is the worlds most endangered and rare seal. This ice-loving seal can only be spotted in Lake Saimaa, Finland, where it became isolated from other seals at the end of the Ice Age.Today there are only 430 individuals in the whole world. For comparison, the endangered Tiger is almost 4000 individuals strong.It is our mission and responsibility to preserve and protect this great animal on the verge of extinction.Our project is about collecting NFTs with beautiful artwork, building a strong community and at the same time supporting the important work done for the conservation of the Saimaa Ringed seal.We created a collection of 4300 unique and randomly generated seals living on the Elrond blockchain. We wanted to make 10 NFTs for each individual seal, as a statement that we need to 10x the seal population! Join the RareSealClub and be a part of the movement!Supply 4300 unique NFTsPre-sale price0.2 EGLDPresale dateQ1, TBA. Follow us on social media to be the first to hear

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