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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Species mashups have been an integral part of mythology and culture through nearly all of recorded history. RandoBirds aims to extend and build on that concept to create a beautiful collection of desirable PFP NFTs. What happens when you cross a cardinal with bald eagle? Or a duck with a woodpecker? Now we have the answer!RandoBirds isolates characterisitcs found in real birds and randomly assembles them for collection of one-of-a kind fictional creatures.Proceeds from RandoBirds benefit the World Bird Sanctuary, a non-profit whose mission is “to preserve the earth’s biological diversity and secure the future of bird species and their natural environments through the three pillars of education, conservation, and rehabilitation.Funding Distribution33% of every purchase will be donated directly to the World Bird Sanctuary of St. Louis.33% will fund design and development.33% will fund marketing and once completely sold, reinvestment in the NFT community by purchasing NFTs from new artists or from NFTs that donate to conservation related causes

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