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Radiusphere Fine Art

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Why should you care about Radiusphere?Radiusphere is on a mission to create beauty and minimize suffering.Radiusphere is built on the antithetical belief that,the more you reject every attempt to satisfy the expectations of others, the more radiant your own creativity becomes.How many Fine Art NFTs are in this offering?Radiusphere Fine Art NFTs arelimited to 109—rare is a weak and entirely insufficient description for this project.Why should you collect abstract art NFTs?-Diversification of your portfolio.-Broaden your horizons.-There are only 109.-Because you love non-representation art.-To support the mission—to create beauty and minimize suffering…-You don’t know, you just want in.-All of the above.Radiusphere is a liberation experiment.Radiusphere is untethered creativity—free from inhibition, free from fear, free from judgment, free from financial constraint, free from the vanity of popular opinion.Radiusphere is governed by the belief that art, meaning, creativity and design can be pursued as the highest rewards—in-and-of-themselves.How will Radiusphere Fine Art NFT be priced?The market will set the NFT pricing of Radiusphere Fine Art NFT #001 (via OpenSea auction). From that day forward, exactly 24 hours after the previous sale, the subsequent numbered Radiusphere Fine Art NFT will be released for sale via a “first-come-first-serve style sales transaction.Pay Close Attention:-The price will always increase with each subsequent sale.-There will never be a discount, price reduction or any other form of price manipulation that diminishes the value of the current, previous, or future offering(s).-None of these protocols apply to the sale of Radiusphere Fine Art NFT #109.Read the FAQs at https://www.Radiusphere.com/faqs

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