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Quantum enigma

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Quantum enigma, is one mans journey through space and time. In a future where past and present meet, a fallen astronaut searches the unknown for a way home. What he finds will change the future of humanity forever. Who are you? Where do you come from? Why are you here? Questions not easily answered when you are nine light years away from earth without a way to get home. Your only connection to your past is staring at you in the mirror and your only motivation to keep going, are the dreams of your family that keep you awake at night. Quantum Enigma is a large project ten years in the making including a graphic novel, short film with practical effects along with an NFT collection of only 100. Very rare. 1/1 unique pieces of artwork only. None will ever be minted again. . 001 $ETH floor price100 Piece Collection first 14 minted. 1/1 Hand drawn1-5 (. 001eth – . 01eth)5-10 (. 01eth and up)10-20 (. 035eth and up)20+ (. 07eth and up)Rare editions start at . 05ethCOLLECT NOW!The Unforgiving City is an original collection.

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