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Purple Dreams by Murat Saygıner

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Murat Saygıner is coming back to MakersPlace with a new short film from ‘THE FLYING FISH’ NFT series. On June 2nd, ‘Purple Dreams’ NFT artwork by Murat will be released as an NFT. Murat has already dropped three short films on MakersPlace: ‘RATIO’, ‘The Court of Conscience’, and ‘Extremes’. By the way, the last one – ‘Extremes’ was sold for $12,541. 21. ‘Purple Dreams’ is the fourth short film within the series. We are sure that it’s gonna be as great and successful as Murat’s previous NFT releases. For the next few weeks, Murat Saygıner will drop seven short films released as NFTs on MakersPlace in all. All of them revolve around alternative states of the human condition. Add the drop to your calendar not to miss when ‘Purple Dreams’ NFT artwork goes live. Also, stay tuned for upcoming releases by Murat Saygıner!

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