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PulseChain Art

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

As fans and lovers of Richard Heart@RichardHeartWin, PulseChainArt is launching Richard Heart oriented Fashion NFTs for a unified community of HEX, PLS and PLSX crypto token holders and introduce these to the younger generation.As a background, in 2022, a few likeminded crypto holders of HEX, PLS and PulseX tokens met in Puerto Rico and decided to bring about anexclusive united communityof HEX, PLS and PLSX crypto holders to discuss and introduce the next younger generation to our community.To achieve this goal, we plan to introduceRichard Heart oriented coolFashion focused NFTscalled PulseChainArt with a utility that as a holder of each of these NFT, you get to interact with an exclusive community of HEX, PLS and PLSX crypto holders.We plan to launch with 10K NFTs of you in Richard Hearts coolest fashion outfits to our passionate HEX and PulseChain and PulseX communities globally in a timed fashion.

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