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Public Talk With Glastonbury Musician: The Naughtiness Story

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Online-meeting with Anton Maskeliade, electronic artist and one of the first musicians in the world to pioneer leap motion gesture control technology, on Wannabes Music Club NFT-project. Anton will talk about the long and inspiring path of a musician and answer your questions about music!Anton Maskeliade:In my life, I have many incredible twists. Almost always, I can turn events in my direction. It turned out this isn’t only luck! These are specific rules that I only recently realized. I will talk about these rules at my event. I will show you how to hear your inner voice! I will get good results and will share with you things which help to create inspiring music!You can find more information about Anton Maskeliade on his website: https://maskelia. de/Learn more about Wannabes Music Club: https://wannabesmusic. club/

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