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Psychedelics by Jake Agustin

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Psychedelics by Jake Agustin is a collection of Jake Agustin’s hand-drawn psychedelic paintings. Each item has its own design and colour pattern, which contrast in a pleasing and soothing way. There are 50 static NFT pieces in the collection, as well as 50 kinetic stop-motion works.As an NFT, why did Jake Agustin come up with psychedelic art? The first is to demonstrate the aesthetic value of colours. The second goal is to show what could psychedelic effects on humans might look like.Jake Agustin will release ten stop-motion and static artworks at first, then no fewer than five stop-motion and seven static artworks until each reaches fifty.For further updates and announcements, follow Jake Agustin on Instagram @jake_agustincredible and on Twitter @jake_agustinNFT

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