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Prosperia -Zepplin Moon

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Cardano

Project Overview

https://prosperia.space/moon/Prosperians have discovered a massive palladium deposit in the asteroid belt near the Zeppelin Moon on the other side of the star system. This has caused a modern day economic explosion in the region and huge demand for Prosperians is now reality out on Zeppelin Moon. As a result of this Prosperian officials are completing development for 5,000 land plots on the moon. This area of the moon will be available to mint in July of 2022. MultiPass holders are whitelisted according to the tier of the MultiPass held. Yes, you will be able to get a residential habitat and place it on your plot (later on).BUSINESS PLOTS: The 200 business land plots are not mintable through public or WL. They will be minted on the backend under the same policy and airdropped to all Elite MultiPass holders who mint a Zeppelin Moon land plot.Zepplin Moon plots are only a part of Prosperia. Check out our website and join us in Discord to learn about Race2Earn Zeppers, $PRSPR and the in- world economy, Synths, Cyber Tower, Factions Wars, OG25 and much more.

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