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Proof of Promos NFTs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Our first collection, Proof of promos (POP) is a membership card to create a world’s first promo NFTs.The Proof of Promos is for the world’s first promos nft. Everyone can involve into web3 promo production through POP(Proof of Promos). As well everyone can earn in the long run on the POP.The POP membership card will have 3 kind of nfts. Silver, Gold, DiamondThe Silver cards will allocate to users who wants to participate on the POP in public sale. Gold cards will allocate to the super companies and LUKY customers who wants to support Proof of Promos community. Diamond card will be on everyone.We are growing in huge community now and we are working very hard to sucess in our project. Coming soon… Please follow our community through twitter and get the notification for the updates.We always are happy with great community.

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