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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Project 3333 is a NFT project of 3,333 ERC721 unique artworks stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a celebration of Japanese Culture and Art. The Artist has picked various different references from Japanese history and has created an hommage collection for everyone to enjoy and savour. Our Art has references to classic artwork to everyones favourite Miyazaki and Kurosawa movie or your nostalgic childish anime series. At the crossroads between Innovation and AestheticsHisoka Gaka has allied with professional Blockchain and Marketing/PR companies based in Asia to ensure the projects longevity. Our team of experts developed a proprietary AI-algorithm that splits each of the artists attributes into various components. Those components are then selected randomly by the generative software to create concoctions, each one a unique NFT portraying the artists work. Hisoka also strived to bring a distinctive aesthetic quality to the art. Our exceptionally talented artist has spent months creating this body of work, spending hours at a time working on each of the finer details. The authenticity of the classic Ukiyo-e style was respected whilst also referencing popular contemporary styles of Japanese digital media.

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