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Project LAMBOW Polygon Launch

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A LAMBOW is far more than a mere collectable. The rarest of them serve as magnets, attracting in perpetuity both rewards and opportunities. Though you will be unable to mint a LAMBOW for yourself before the 1st of November, you can participate in giveaways ahead of launch by joining the community on discord and twitter. You might even acquire a super-rare one!PLEASE NOTE:You are in at the very beginning of this project. The website is still being refined and the social medias have been created brand new today. Please do not be alarmed or put off by a lack of people interested in the community at ths point, marketing hasn’t even started, and we are serious about this project and intend to launch a unique version of LAMBOWs on every popular blockchain network eventually. We do not like deceit, and refuse to pay for followers, so again, don’t be alarmed by a small community at first. One day you will be telling your friends how you were one of the first to discover the LAMBOW project, and they will be saying, no way!

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