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Prime Mates

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

‘Unique Hand Drawn Prime Mate NFT ShreddersPrime Mates Board Club is a generative NFT PFP collection featuring 2222 unique, hand drawn primate shredders ready to drop into the metaverse for the season one genesis collection.With an all-inclusive community approach towards project development, evolution and growth, Prime Mates Board Club promotes the experience and stoke that comes hand-in-hand with board riding communities and the comradery, support and good vibes machine that these sports are at their core. Celebrating that amazing special something that is the afterglow and all-inclusive community spirit existing within these sports to get members hooked on good vibes, engaged and actively participating in IRL hangs, shred meetups and getting involved with the wider boardsports community.Prime Mates Board Club is also developing a creative networking community and collaborative artists space through the project which we’re really excited about. Using the unique board graphics artwork featured within the individual NFTs as a platform for artists, designers and creatives alike to push their talents and working towards a larger artists networking community that encourages members to reach out, connect with one another and continue to grow, share their skills and create awesomeness with other like minded creators.Prime Mates Board Club is in active participation with board-centric charitable foundations around the world to ensure were able to give back as much as possible to the core communities that have been so good to us over the years. Ensuring continued support for these amazing organizations so that they can continue doing what they do making the world a better place.Come ride with us!

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