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Potato Pimps NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

What are Potato Pimps?Potato Pimps are 10.000 randomly and unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Potato Pimps are hand-drawn and have over 100 different traits. Right after weve sold out were gonna buy LAND for our token-holders in Decentraland and create a DAO.Were giving royalties back to our token-holders every month!VisionOur larger vision is to create a whole metaverse of our own, called Vegetable Ville. After all Potato Pimps are sold, were creating a collection called Chili Call Girls. Potato Pimp holders are entitled to mint a Chili Call Girl at pre-sale. As a Potato Pimp NFT holder youll receive a share of the royalties when a Chili Call Girl is sold.Further down the road we want to create an video game like Farmville or Town Star which is going to be set in our Vegetable Ville metaverse.

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