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Postcards From Another Plane by BURNS x Good Energy

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Visual artist and entrepreneur Justice Laub “Good Energy teamed up with Scottish record producer, songwriter, and DJ Matt Burns Burns for an NFT drop. On July 19th, ‘Postcards From Another Plane’ by Burns and Good Energy goes live on Featured by Binance. This NFT Collection shows how both artists have approached life with a multidisciplinary lens. This approach has allowed them to attack multiple genres and interests with astute proficiency. The ‘Postcards From Another Plane’ NFT Collection features 8 amazing postcards from various years. There is the ‘Evolve’ from 1853, the ‘Monsters’ from 2018, the ‘Contemplating’ from 2421, and others. 6 postcards are priced at 0. 067 BNB. The opening price for ‘Monsters’ (an Edition of 10) is 2. 5 BNB, and for ‘Havana’ (an Edition of 1) – 5 BNB. These two pieces feature the music by BURNS. The detailed description of each NFT, you can find via the link. I want to open everyone up to new dimensions of perception, to unlock the inner empathy and understanding in all of us. We all share a spirit. I hope to help people understand that coming together is the highest human achievement, and that science, art, and love are all converging around us to create Good Energy. – says Justice Laub. Sounds inspiring, isn’t it? The ‘Postcards From Another Plane’ NFT Collection is also gonna be very inspiring and unique. Add the drop to your calendars not to miss the release!

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