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Post Apocalyptic Neo Kombat

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Power. Greed. Corruption. All led us to inevitable destruction.A ruthless apocalypse that wiped out the weak while only the most powerful dynasties survived.Fighting for territory, resources, and weapons; the survivors quickly divided into 4 clans,(1) Bionic Cyborgs(2) Martian Monsters(3) Military Regiments(4) Demonic MortalsEach clan has its own strengths and may sometimes even take elements from other clans to increase its strength.Out of all the 8844 possibilities, only 30 to 50 characters exist which are what are referred to as complete.Fighting for territory, resources, weapons and other equipment is a necessity to survive.Battle a long side your clan to build your empire and take control of the new world. There is no time to waste, but don’t PANiK, this is only the beginning of the end.

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