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PogPunks Public Launch

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

In an ecosystem where Crypto Punks rule the NFT landscape, it becomes tough to stand out, and create a derivative that can truly be unique and valuable. You may be asking yourself, “then why create a derivative of one of the most widely known ERC-721 assets of all time?Thats a great question, and within that question, lies the answer. Punks are the OG, a universally recognized style of the first profile picture NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Years of history and experience fall behind these simplistic, yet monolithic 24×24 pixelated images. For that reason, the PogPunks team has chosen to create a Punks derivative to be at the center of what we believe to be the first multi-chain metaverse. This will not just be the PogPunks metaverse, we welcome any project and community with open arms. Within this metaverse, NFT owners will be able to claim a 3D version of their accompanying NFT through a unique minting process. Our team will help support any project that wants to join our metaverse to make this transition. Our goal with PogPunks is to build an interactive landscape where owners of all NFT lines can interact and coexist with each other, not to be defined by their remote corners of the decentralized web.

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