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Planet of Cyborgs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Pioneering an innovative approach to the fusion of NFTs and the expanding Metaverse, Planet of Cyborgs unveils Legendary characters, remarkable artwork, and unique benefits.With 6,622 unique hyper-realistic Cyborgs set to be released as the first of its kind NFT collection, the Planet of Cyborgs (POC) reveals a rare combination of 3D traits and clipart, invoking machine-inspired artwork envisioned upon a backdrop of destruction and existential purpose. This collection is positioned to be a truly breakout release, merging a story mired in the meaning of existence with unique, original artwork.The POC NFT collection is composed of truly distinctive Cyborgs generated from 200 traits. Developed over a period of 3 months by the collections creators, the Planet of Cyborgs represents artistic expression and originality, shown through with careful consideration of each Cyborgs individual identity and abilities. With this in mind, collection holders will enjoy a captivating story, incredible design, as well as a valuable piece of the first POC NFT collection, which will launch on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain.Setting this collection apart will be the integration of roles and benefits each character holds. These roles and benefits, including titles such as “Scientist, “Engineer, “Mercenary, and others, will provide a status within the Metaverse. These qualities will translate to exclusive access for in-game properties, events, merch and more, with various roles holding more rare perks than others.The Planet of Cyborgs NFT collection will also feature 22 Legendary Cyborgs. Each notable Cyborg consists of a special set of features which make them the stand-out collectors items of this release. From the first and supreme Base Model Cyborg to Viziers and Elite Cyborgs, the POC experience ensures plenty of detail, interesting backstory, and visual artistry with every Cyborg personality. The Legendary characters can be explored via The Planet of Cyborgs official website.With an aggressive roadmap planned for the coming years, The Planet of Cyborgs team is thrilled to unveil this initial release and forge ahead in fostering a rich and diverse community of Cyborg fanatics. Included in the immediate roadmap – interactive experiences, a Cyborgs in Motion NFT series, Manga series, and charitable donations and giveaways will pave the way for future projects and plans. Collaborations, raffles, and unmatched gaming experiences as well as new blockchain features will also provide fans and collection holders with plenty of exciting events to look forward to.

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