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PixelBeasts—Mint Launch!

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

PixelBeasts are curious creatures exploring the metaverse—seeking friends to play with. This 10k NFT collection is for those interested in building and experimenting with utility tools built for the ecosystem. The community is made up of VCs, founders, developers, designers, and curious collectors. Each PixelBeast is a unique 24×24 pixel artwork, randomly generated from over 2 million combinations. In addition to visible attributes, each PixelBeast has invisible attributes such as a best friend, a nemesis, D&D stats, elements, and more. Owning a PixelBeast gets you access to Beastopia—an ever-evolving token-gated social experience. A project by artist, developer, and venture capitalist @yoheinakajima.

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