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Pixel Dogma NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Pixeldogma is a platform for launching nft collections. We are currently preparing for the minting of 555 pixeldogma passes.Free nft drops: pass holders will get 1 free nft from the 3 upcoming set launches in 2022!Dao community: pixeldogma pass holders are directly involved in the decision making of the future development of the project as well as financially incentivised in the success of every future nft set drops and minting processes.Passive income: the pass guarantees that an equal portion of the 10% of total minting revenue from the launching sets will be given to each pass holder for each pass in possession.Road map established: we aim to launch 3 nft sets by q4 2022.First nft set ready: first project to be launched is crypto frenz! A limited collection of 2361 frenz, inspired but not affiliated with the tv show from the 2000’s.

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