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Physical Ancient Coins NFTs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Rare ancient coins as NFT’s listed on OpenSeaA Selection of 13 Rare ancient coins has been listed on OpenSea by DFGrotjohann. The buyers don’t just buy the NFT, they receive the ancient coin with the NFTThis is new! Ancient coins were listed as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Would Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great themselves, ever had imagined, that their coins, issued under their authority, ever would become digitalized on a crypto blockchain?! Well, it is happening. Deniz Fuat Grotjohann, a 3rd generation Numismatist and Coin-dealer have now listed a selection of 13 rare greek, roman and byzantine coins as NFTs on the popular NFT trading platform OpenSea. In this case, the buyers of the NFTs not only just receive the digital artwork, but they also receive the actual physical ancient corresponding coin together with the NFT. The hype in the recent months and years around Crypto and NFTs indicates that Crypto and NFTs are here to stay. The Facebook Company is now ‘Meta, Elon Musk the richest human on the planet, and AI generates crypto-art and god knows what else. Another indicator is that we are headed into a digital era beyond what we previously only could have imagined from science fiction movies. Art builds into the Ethereum Blockchain to last forever? Digital provenances and art certificates embedded in the NFT? Science Fiction or Back to the Future? Well, it is happening. The fact is, the market for non-fungible tokens is evolving at the speed of light and the selection of rare NFTs is growing by the minute. Where will this go? Virtual tours in the Louvre from the comfort of Your living room? Already happening! Welcome to the era of digital art and the digitalization of the planet.

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