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Oxya Origin

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Hello welcome to Oxya OriginThe first Collaborate-to-Earn RPG allowing land conquests, social experiments, and in-game governance | 7898 3D NFT by Laury Guintrand ( worked on Avengers, The witcher, Gucci, Nike, etc…)3 planets. Months to build them. Years to conquer. A deadly virus, frozen since Antiquity in the North Pole, has been unleashed by melting ice due to global warming. It has accelerated diseases, wars, greed, and divisions among humans. This is how Oxya Origin begins, a collaborative quest for the survival and territorial expansion of its own species. The year is 2533 and the Earth’s population has failed to face its greatest challenge: The Great Plague…Earth is dying. People who got the chance to live on this Planet never knew how lucky they were. Through thousands of years, they exploited and polluted it, until it was impossible to stay there anymore. Their greed and their thirst for power led this once wonderful world to its end. People migrated due to rising sea levels, inhabitable territories became rare, and overpopulation reached an unmanageable point. Overcrowded living conditions made it easy for a terrible virus to spread like wildfire, infecting most of the flood survivors. This was the second plague, that took millions of lives. Out of fear and anger, people started to rebel against governments that repressed them witha lot of violence. Wars started. Chaos was everywhere. States chose to close their borders, refusing access to large groups of refugees, women, children, and men, who survived the virus and were looking for a place where they might have a future. In the end, a few populations were left. Only three Communities managed to escape this chaos. Within every one of these communities, people stayed united and showed solidarity with each other. These three communities developed on their own for a while, but resources were runningSO low their survival was at stake. Two of the most technically advanced communities made the decision to leave Planet Earth for good, as life was not sustainable anymore. They left the third one behind. . . They had found two worlds where they could live, that had water and oxygen. Failing was noton option, as their energy resources could only provide a one-way trip. For a brief period of time, those two worlds were prosperous. But the communities were fastto reproduce the same mistakes that led to the destruction of their first home. Once again, survival was at stake. They had to find yet another solution to maintain their civilizations. Luckily, the three of them made a fantastic discovery. A brand new world that seemed full of wonders and that contained an infinite amount of OXYA, a substance they all dreamt of having. The three planets now all shared the same goal: get to this new source of energy, and conquer this new world!They all sent space probes over, and the results were overwhelming. Its lush vegetation andrich wildlife made it a Paradise. But it was above all a goldmine: it was full of OXYA. This substance would ensure them to develop, even more, make endless technological advances,and grant them success in the inevitable conflicts to come. But they had major obstacles in their quest: first of all, you could only visit this Planet once a month. This news astonished them, as they had never heard of such a thing. This Planet would cyclically disappear. Then, there was OXYA. . . They realized that getting it was going to be very complicated. The powerful substance was produced by local creatures, that seemed to drop it, like some kind of animal waste. Even more surprisingly, they found out that these creatures produced an even higher amount of OXYA, when they died. They also discovered huge underground mines. Their extraction would be a tough task, as the rocks there were all extremely hard, with no equivalent other than what we know as earth diamonds. Whitelist invitation link: https://invitediscord. io/join/PL7u5m7hHtt3

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