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Out of this World by Hashmukh

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

3D Artist, motion designer, and crypto artist Hashmukh Kerai is dropping his NFT collection on Crypto. com. On April 14, Hashmukh will present his fun, vibrant and unusual world of characters and environments. Hashmukh is the creator behind the wacky Zlorp character that appears to the world in different situations and environments. Here is a short description of the upcoming drop: “This collection ‘Zlorp Vision’ is all about the Zlorp Universe and its past! The main piece features an endless loop passing through a TV screen showing some of the past Zlorp pieces! We then have editions piece Zlorp Kid 649, which is floating around waiting to find some new homes!” It is unlike anything you have seen before. Hashmukh is a very talented and special creator who makes truly unique stuff. Do not miss the drop!

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