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Out of this World by Cosmos Astro Art

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On April 14, Franco Meconi aka Terraza al Cosmos aka Cosmos Astro Art is dropping his NFT collection on Crypto. com. Being a true fan of planets, stars, and other wonders of the universe, the artist has dedicated his life to astrophotography. His highly detailed images are captivating and very mesmerizing! Franco’s artworks have been featured in several online and offline publications, and on NASA’s social network profiles too. Besides, The Argentine Association of Astronomy and the Buenos Aires Planetarium collaborated with him. Contemplating into distant stars and galaxies we’re compelled to wonder about the deeper meaning of life” – says the artist about his NFT collection. Check out Franco’s great images within the collection! It’s a chance to muse on the meaning of life and snatch an amazing piece by a very special artist!

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