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O’Sea Pirates Sale

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Play, Earn and save the Oceans.O’Sea Pirates is the NFT Gaming project that cleans up the oceans while guaranteeing the greatest possible fun for the community and generating financial added value for all holders. The Pirate MOBA is already in Development and the main part how we generate the financial benefit for the community.What is the Golden O’Sea Pirates Club about?How many?500 Golden Ape O’Sea Pirates will be part of a presale 6 -7 Weeks before our major Sale of 9,999 O’Sea Pirates.When is the Drop?Public Sale start 22th Feb at 6 pm utc. Only 350 Supply for 150 Matic eacht. This is the start of our journey into our own Metaverse.20 Golden O’See Pirates will be available through the peer-to-peer marketplace Opensea.io. Their price on Opensea will be 175 Polygon (Matic).For marketing and future giveaways, the Team keeps 50 O’Sea PiratesThe Most Import Part!!!Benefits of the Golden O’Sea PiratesAll holders of one or more Golden Ape O’Sea Pirate will earn the following benefits:O’Sea Pirates Merchandise packageExclusive Golden O’Sea Pirates Club Area in our DiscordSpecial Golden O’Sea Pirates Club Events on Discord like Trivias and Giveaways!Automatic membership of future whitelistingTake part in polls to drive the value of the project and decide early with the TeamExclusive entry to future events in The Sandbox metaverse within the O’Sea Pirate LandDouble your chance with each Golden O’Sea Pirate to win rewards along with our Treasure Map in the major upcoming Sale!https://whitepaper.oseapirates.gold/osea-pirates/benefits/unveiling-roadmap winning our ECO-FRIENDLY CAR (or equivalent in WETH)Be a part of closed Alpha and Beta testing with special rewards paid in our own $AYE Coin.

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