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Ornamental Fish

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

A private collection of 500 ornamental fish living in polygon.Made by neptunia aquarium – guayo (artist).10% of sales will go to charityWe are comunnity :Instagram: neptuniaqTiktok: neptuniaquariumYoutube: neptunia aquariumPortafolio: www.Neptuniaquarium.Com/home/featured_item/Tweeter:@neptuniaaquari1Prices 1-200 = 0.005Prices 201-300 = 0.008Prices 301-400 = 0.01Prices 401-500 = 0.05Roadmap05/07/2022: start creating nft ornamental fish models06/07/2022: looking for a charity to destiny % sales12/07/2022: set up social medias an wp-owners benefits12/31/2022: finish creating 500 nft’s models??The ornamental fish season 1 is sold out and 10% has been send to the charity.??Start season 2 (holders will have 1 free nft)This is no a crypto punk nor bored ape but the ornamental fish will explode in your heart cool at nft coellection!!

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