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Order of Otranto

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Cardano

Project Overview

The Order of Otranto is a hand-drawn NFT project, set within a haunting and mysterious world. It’s inspired by the first gothic novel ever written, The Castle of Otranto. Multiple drops are planned, including a larger PFP mint.The Orders first drop is a limited release. It features 490 unique, hand-drawn NFTs of the narratives doomed Abbey, each with a distinct variation of church figures (the Grave Digger, the Grounds Keeper and the Nun). Keep an eye out for the most rare of traits — the Rainbow Moon.Holders of an Abbey NFT will gain early access to the Orders next mint.It was here at the Abbey where the ill-fated betrothal of Beatrice to Emmanuel was met with tragedy. The young couple had expected to form their holy union. Instead, they were ripped asunder by inexplicable chthonic forces. A curse was set. The battle between light and dark had begun.Join us on Discord and Twitter to learn more. The first 333 members on Discord are added to the White List.

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