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Opus-Labs Maestro Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

OPUS-LABS is an opportunity to have Allow List (WL) accessibility to the onboarding of legacy web2 companies into web3. The mission is simple: Opus-Labs will empower the most recognizable and influential global brands to launch NFTs and interact with the blockchain in a variety of ways. This project will use all of the advantages of NFT and blockchain technology, including the art, social engagement, efficiency and security, to inspire customers and fans of the brands they serve.Opus-Labs has already secured famous rock musician and tech entrepreneur, Scott Page (member of e.g. Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto) as brand ambassador for Opus-labs. Page has strategically partnered with Opus-labs to launch Rock Money, his NFT collection which will feature previously unreleased photos of classic rock juggernauts such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Who.As a holder of Opus-Labs NFT collection, the Maestros, you will have at a minimum a guaranteed Allow List (WL) spot to Rock Money as well as for every other client project Opus has in the future.FULLY DOXXED TEAM: Five foundershave a collective experience of more than 200 years IRL businesses. CEO Bryan Ottens owns a music industry company that will celebrate 100 years of success in 2026. With a seat on the NAMM Board, Bryan has access to industry giants such as Gibson Brands, Yamaha Corporation, Taylor Guitars, Ernie Ball, Shure……In addition to his portfolio of private businesses that generate over $100M/year in sales across multiple industries, Bryan also has a 7 figure NFT and crypto portfolio.COLLECTION SIZE: 3,333 MAESTROSTHE ART: The art is a utility all in its own, with each NFT being a unique piece! Opus-Labs strategically commissioned the world famous conceptual artist Paul Tobin responsible for characters in blockbuster movies such as LOTR, The Hobbit, Avatar, Blade Runner. (https://www.paultobinart.com/).RARITY: The rarity trait of every Maestro is randomly generated at mint into one of the following Legendary, Epic, Ultra, and Rare.UTILITY:For Every Future Opus & Partner Project:LEGENDARY TRAIT: FREE MINTEPIC TRAIT: Allow-List & 50% OFF Mint Price ULTRA RARE TRAIT: Allow-List & 25% OFF Mint PriceRARE TRAIT: Allow-ListMaestro Value Prop and Utility beyond Allow List:Alpha from blue chip NFT’s held by Opus Labs TreasuryEducational Classes focused on life skills, investment strategies, entrepreneurship, etc taught by Opus founders.Community scholarship & intern program focused on web3Discounts on premium music products (restrictions apply) – never pay retail againLINKS:https://opus-labs.io/https://discord.gg/opus-labshttps://twitter.com/OpusLabsHQ?s=20&t=pbjLmt5DsYJ5lndb6h4pig

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