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Only Cans

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The first Only Cans collection consists of 10,000 unique pieces of collectible art. The collection is made up of over 800 unique attributes, all living on the Ethereum ERC-721 Blockchain. Minting an Only Can comes with perks that grant exclusive access to community events, project voting and bragging rights.The back story:At the beginning of time, in the CANverse, Earth didnt have Adam and Eve as the first humans, they had Adamtin and Evelynfizz, as their first CAN-beings. They began the birth of their kind in the CANverse, and so the population of CANS grew and grew for billions of years.Eternals later, the CANverse now has Cans driving around in cars, living in apartments, running businesses, soaking up the sun and enjoying the universe they had built for themselves.In the 21st year of the 21st century there was a CANternet boom, where hot and ice-cool CANchicks could take control of their social media, leveraging their subscribers to build followers and wealth. With that, OnlyCans was born! They signed the CANtracts, got all dressed up and started taking pictures.And so began the era of OnlyCans.

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