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One World Human

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

PRESENTACIONOne World Human, is a collection of 4.500 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum BlockchainThis project is characterized by its main objective and benefit, which is to provide a great sustainable contribution to the nutritional impact of 4,500 low-income Spanish-speaking children, specifically from the Republic of EcuadorOur financial team will allocate 50% of the value offered at launch and will allocate it in the monthly delivery (for 12 months (ONE YEAR) in PRODUCTS AND FOOD from the Family basket with all the necessary specifications for adequate child nutrition of the 4,500 children represented in this Digital NFT project.What benefit does the buyer have?1. ONE MILLION DOLLARS will be invested in the construction of a Cryptocurrency Mining Plant (Farm), which will be sustained with electricity from SOLAR PANELS to reduce polluting emissions and help the environment. The monthly profits will be distributed in equal percentages to the OWNERS or holders of Tokens of each Acquired NFT.1 All OWNERS or holders of our Tokens will participate in 12 Draws (one each month) for $20,000.00 (twenty thousand US dollars)2If the OWNER or holder of our Tokens is a manufacturer or distributor of any of the food products selected for the Project, their Proforma may be evaluated with priority.3 The OWNERS or holders of our Tokens will have privileged access to the One World Human / Collection V1 VIP community. Where they will be able to obtain unpublished images and live videos of the delivery of the Packages.5 the OWNERS or holders of our Tokens may physically participate in the One World Human/ Collection V1 Logistics and human talent volunteering.Note to Consider:BONUS COMMUNITY: $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars) will be raffled among five token owners. See Policies of (BONUS COMMUNITY)One million dollars will be made available for the construction of an auditorium for spiritual help for the Christian community. One World Church.Through your purchase, you benefit 4,500 Represented children.ROADMAP V11. Inspiration Stage: Write the One World Human Project.Capture roadmap V1. Design of 4,500 NFT Images and Upload to the Blockchain Design of social networks and web page. (April 15, 2022 to May 31, 2022).2.One World Human/General Community Stage: Twitter Community Announcements. (May 01, 2022)Present Project (marketing).Discord Activation(May 15, 2022).3. Launch Stage (MINT):The launch of One World Human will be 4,500 unique NFTs that, in addition to being a ticket to our community and unlocking many valuable benefits, will benefit 4,500 underprivileged children. (To define)4. Revealed Stage:The Revealing of the NFT Images will be on Monday In this Stage the One World Human VIP Community is UnlockedAll buyers will have real-time access to the benefits of being a token holder and the benefit of the little dreamers. Privileged information is delivered in the VIP Community.(To define)5. Little Dreamers Technical Stage:Make the final and select list of the 4,500 benefited childrenMake a list of food products with Nutrition Professionals. Carry out negotiations with food and transport producers. Make contracts. (The VIP Group has access to the information mentioned above)(To define)6. Technical Stage Crypto Farm Construction (and One World Church):Perform search and local or land contractsPerforms search and Purchase of Processors and other technical aspects.Build Crypto Mine Farm. (and One World Church).(To define)7. Little Dreamers Delivery Stage:the first 5 days of the month with the volunteer team, food products and more benefits will be delivered to the children represented.the first 5 days of the month the draw will be held for $20,000.00 (twenty thousand US dollars) for each holder of our NFT Tokens.the first 5 days of the month Each owner of the Token will be given their respective percentage of profit from the Mining farm. (Once Activated and running)(To define)8. Special Stages:Delivery of Christmas Gifts: December 20, 2022.School seasons: May 02, 2023.9 SUSTAINABLE stage:Once the year of deliveries of food products has ended and the capital generated from 50% of the sale has ended, a select group of Children will CONTINUE TO BE SUPPORTED INDEFINITELY with the capital raised by 50% of the ROYALTIES.You can get all the details on our website.MINTMint Price: 0.67 ETH.SOCIAL MEDIADiscord: https://discord.gg/paZAD4WEhqTwitter: https://twitter.com/OneWorldSiteWebsite: https://www.oneworldhuman.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oneworldhumannft/(This is not a Crypto Punk nor Bored Ape but this One World Human will explode in your heart. Cool Art Nft Collection!!)

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