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One Percent Club NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

One Percent Club is a collection of 7’777 unique NFT’s based on some of the wealthiest personalities in the entire world. By purchasing our NFT, you have access to several benefits, coin airdrops and to other upcoming projects such as our virtual-casino or further facilities in the Metaverse. As a holder you get rewards from the One Percent Holders Pool. The Pool has access to 10% of all One Percent Club Project gains. Royalties are 50% distributed amongst shareholders (ETH) (25% go to the Binary Bill Holders, 25% to the rest of the shareholders). As a holder you get access to 20% of all time profits of the metaverse casino once it is programmed. You can have the chance to generate financial growth by joining our community. 99% stay dreaming, while 1% take their fate into their own hands. Will you stay part of the 99% or get up and become part of the 1%?We will donate part of our profit to a renowned environmental organisation to compensate our carbon footprint.

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