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One Dollar by Karl Lagasse

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On July 14th, artist, sculptor, and creator Karl Lagasse drops the ‘One Dollar’ NFT Collection on MakersPlace. Karl gained recognition with his “One Dollar” sculptures in 2009. That year, Artprice named Karl as one of the top 10 sculptors under 30 in the world. His new artworks are exhibited worldwide and sold at auction houses across the globe. ‘One Dollar’ NFT Collection on MakersPlace is a digital reinterpretation of Karl’s most emblematic masterpiece, The Dollar. It is one of the most significant artworks in Karl’s arsenal which shocked contemporary art audiences around the world. This collection presents an entirely novel way to interact with this iconic work of art. Mark your calendars for July 14th not to miss the appearance of Karl Lagasse on MakersPlace!

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