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Ome OG Collection – First ever Health-to-Earn NFTs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Limited 1,000 Ome ‘Pioneer Generation’ NFT collection by OSbiome. WL is open!Ome Owners get to earn tokens by completing health quests generated based on their personalised health.Other benefits included :- Access airdrops of tokens & future NFTs- Unlock the best earning rates in Omeverse- Rent to other players without Omes and split earnings- Access to the newest features first before anyone else- Other exclusive community benefits like VIP events and partnership perksThe project is- Built on existing in-market precision health AI processing millions of data-points every month- layered on existing app in stores- Formed by a doxxed team of PhDs, data scientists, engineers and serial founders- Backed by world-class deeptech VCsMinting in June 2022, 0.1ETH, 2 mints per wallet. Whitelist is open now but allocated fast.Head to Discord and Twitter to take part in giveaways and receive alphas on the project before anyone else.

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