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O.B.I. Studios

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

O.B.I. Studios Presents:Omnipotent Beings InterdimensionalInnovation within the NFT Space with a beautiful Graphic Web Novel!This Web Novel will lay out the Lore for our NFT Collection.Eight Races: Two Genders of Each: All in One Collection:16 Collections with their own Traits in our One Collection!We have such a Diverse set of Interdimensional Races!Seven Sins & Zoth?Each Race has fallen to Sin Manifesting a New Race:The Ardenterians: Our First Divine Race; once bringers of Law & Order turned Gluttonous PsychopathsThe Kleptians:Our Second Divine Race; talented craftsmenship of metal manipulation now seeks Greedy FutilityThe Ophites:Our Third Divine Race; monsterous creatures with a chip on their shoulder of Envious HatredThe Valkarians:Our Fourth Race; beautiful beast tamers with Lustful NecRomantic TendenciesThe Hadesians:Our Fifth Race; mysterious shadowy creatures that have been consumed by a Hierarchy of WrathThe Xenarths:Our Sixth Race; Tribal Planet Dwellers that were wiped out in masses leading to a Retreat in SlothThe Icarians:Our Seventh Race; dragonic material users & abusers who have the Pride of their mightiest Dragons.Zoth:The Manifested Ones; these newly born creatures are seen as the newest sin to hit the Omniverse Chaos… or were they…What we offer:Interactive DAO Storyline to further build lore behind each Race uniquelyFull Transparency on DevelopmentA beautiful story where once we finish the Main Books, we will allow holders to vote on their own stories to be published into Side Lore BooksApparel & Sponsorship Deals for our Books & their CharactersLongTerm:Omnipotent Beings Interdimensional:The First P2E 2D Hand-Drawn MMORPGIf you’re interested please check out our Discord!

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