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Nutty Buddy NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Nutty buddy NFTWe at Nutty Buddy put Mental Health in high regard. With you, we would like to put together a community that is tightknit and that helps each other out. Come to a server that aims for togetherness and unity through all kinds of communities. VISIT https://www. nuttybuddynft. com/ for more infopeanuts 40 % of mint revenue into community walletpeanuts 10 % reserved for giveaways!peanuts 50 % of secondary to community walletpeanuts $5000 giveaway when we hit 100% mintpeanuts airdrops and merchandise for holders!Come join our Discord and get it Crackinghttps://discord. gg/p9WTSYSDDK

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