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No Mummy Allowed Guild -> Co-ownership of gaming studio

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

No Mummy Allowed Guild is a community-owned studio that allows players to become investors and decision-makers in the games they want to play or experiences they want to have.8,192 mummies with 119 unique traits1,024 whitelist spots are available, first come first serve all you have to do is join the Discord.Whitelist mint going live Monday, March 3/21/2022.Public mint will follow a few days after.To fully understand what we’re about you should read our Whitepaper and Wiki that are listed on our websiteThe benefits for people joining:Co-ownership of already existing gaming studio (Amenti Studio)Passive income from the studio games/experiences and DeFi portfolio (Already in place and making $10k/m)All games/experiences for free and early accessAdded utility with ERC20 token (TBD)Airdrops, giveawaysWhat about you? Are you mamma’s boy, or are you going to join us? 😉

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