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NFTs ARE DEAD? by Lushsux

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Legendary street artist Lushsux returns to MakersPlace with a new NFT Collection that will answer a burning question: are NFTs dead? An anonymous Australian street artist is famous world-wide for huge murals based on internet meme culture and, also, popular culture. Lushsux is, by the way, a founder of the meme movement. Each of his artworks generates buzz all over the world and becomes iconic. They are always witty, satirical, and provoking. Lushsux is an active participant in the NFT movement and we have already featured his drops several times in our NFT Calendar. The upcoming drop by Lushsux on MakersPlace features some of his most jaw-dropping works to date will settle an important question once and for all. Are NFTs dead? NEVER! Mark your calendars for July 20th not to miss the newest collection by Lushsux in any case!

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