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NFTs 4 Freedom (#FreeBlackMamas Fundraiser)

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

BAIL FUND TO HOLD NFT ART AUCTION TO RAISE FUNDS TO FREE BLACK MAMAS ON MOTHERS DAYThe Free The 350 Bailfund, who have freed many Black people from the Dane County Jail who were in there simply because they were too poor to afford bail, will hold an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) auction for their annual Mother’s Day #FreeBlackMamas bail fundraiser, this Sunday, May 9 at 12 PM CST on OpenSea. NFT’s have been in the media recently due to the large amounts of money being spent on them. The Free 350 Bail Fund will attempt to utilize the large amounts of funds being invested in NFTs towards their cause of freeing Black people from the Dane County Jail. Several artists are teaming up with them to offer exclusive and limited edition NFT art pieces, to be auctioned and sold on OpenSea, a large NFT marketplace. Many cryptocurrency adherents praise cryptocurrency for its alleged ability to decentralize who is in charge of the economy. Despite its ability to offer democratic control and autonomy from governmental regulatory influence, cryptocurrency is seemingly dominated, like a majority of the capitalist economy, by the ultra-rich and myriad capitalist institutions. The Free The 350 Bail Fund sees this NFT fundraising venture as a way to test cryptocurrency and its community’s abilities to distribute resources equitably and democratically to popular social justice initiatives that remain painfully underfunded. The recent Edward Snowden NFT sale, that went for $5. 4 million and other cryptocurrency social justice initiatives are encouraging signs that cryptocurrency may just have solutions to some of the financial problems that social movements are historically plagued with. The Free The 350 Bail Fund is optimistic that cryptocurrency can be a boon for lasting and effective positive social change, Black Liberation in particular. As far as the group can tell from their research, this will be the first time an NFT auction has been used to directly free Black people from jail, an effort that is much needed, due to our discriminatory and disproportionate incarceration system coupled with the money bail system that essentially acts as a debtor’s prison. For more information about the artists, the NFT drop and our work, follow Free The 350 Bail Fund on social media or their newly created telegram announcement channel. https://t. me/nfts4freedomFor further information and interviews contact email protected

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