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NFTBOY: Bored Ape Racers Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

NFTBOY produces hyper-realistic 3D models of classic game cartridges, reimagined as NFTs. We’ve joined forces with the best in the business to create hyper-realistic 3D models of game cartridges based on the Nintendo Game Boy. Every two weeks we’ll work with a different illustrator, artist, or designer to conceptualize and create an imaginary game inspired by the stuff we find cool at the time. The Bored Ape Racers collection pays homage to the classic Super Mario Kart & Mario Kart Supercircuit games that were released in 1992 and 2001. This collection will be available to mint on playnftboy. com from 8PM EST on the 2nd of September.

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